2019 Framlingham Tennis Tournament winners

Men's 70 Doubles 

Winner: Peter Aldous + Peter Brown 

Runner Up: Graham Birch + James Booth


65+ Men’s Singles 

Winner:  Peter Brown 

Runner Up: Adrian Mcinerney


60+ Mixed Doubles 

Winner: Peter Taylor + Janie Taylor 

Runner Up: Robert Boyd + Jill Crown


60+ Women’s Doubles 

Winner: Gall Corcoran + Caroline Harris 

Runner Up: Alison Hall – Wright + Sadie Tilbrook


60+ Men’s Doubles 

Winner: Robert Boyd + John Kitchener 2 

Runner Up: Richard Arrell + Peter Taylor


55+ Men’s Doubles 

Winner: Paul Hammond + John Kitchener 

Runner Up: Charles Fulcher + Peter Taylor

55+ Men’s Singles 

Winner: Paul Hammond : 

Runner Up: Gary Keens


50+ Mixed Doubles 

Winner: Peter Taylor + Janie Taylor 

Runner Up: Gary Keens + Gail Corcoran


50+ Women’s Doubles 

Winner: Janie Taylor + Sarah Wells 

Runner Up: Gail Corcoran + Caroline Harris


50+ Women’s Singles 

Winner: Elizabeth Cubitt 

Runner Up: Gail Corcoran


45+ Men’s Doubles 

Winner:  Charles Fulcher + James Yates 

Runner Up: Paul Hammond + Scott Martin


45+ Men’s Singles 

Winner: James Yates 

Runner Up: Scott Martin


40+ Mixed Doubles 

Winner: Nikki Giles + Julia Giles 

Runner Up: Adrian Smith + Elizabeth Cubitt

40+ Women’s Doubles 

Winner:  Janie Taylor + Sarah Wells 

Runner Up: Julia Giles +Joan Hasselt


Mixed Handicap Doubles (Rating 8.2 to 10.2) 

Winner:  Alex Jacobs + Lisa Jacobs 

Runner Up: Ben Mowles + Sara Bryson


Open Mixed Doubles 

Winner:  George Eaton + Isabelle Eaton 

Runner Up:  Scott Martin + Laurie Cruickshank


Women's Handicap Doubles Rating 8.2 to 10.2) 

Winner:  Samantha Debenham + Jenny Finch 

Runner Up:  Usa Jacobs + Kerry Porter


Suffolk Women's Level Doubles 

Winner: Isabelle Eaton + Maddie Mcloughlin 

Runner Up: Samantha Debenham + Jenny Finch


Open Women’s Doubles 

Winner: Isabelle Eaton + Maddie Mcloughlin 

Runner Up:  Chaaya Malik + Sama Malik

Men's Handicap Doubles (Rating 8.2 to 10.2) 

Winner: Alex Jacobs + Robert Sherington 

Runner Up:  Dave Courteen + Ben Mowles


Suffolk Men's Level Doubles 

Winner: Jeremy Cowley + Matthew Hough 

Runner Up:   Harper Mills + Asa Sumner-Keens


Open Men’s Doubles 

Winner:  Arthur Patten + Henry Patten 

Runner Up:   Thomas Drayton + Tom Skinner


Women's Handicap Singles (Rating 8,2 to 10.2) 

Winner: Sarah Elliott 

Runner Up:   Natasha Argent


Suffolk Women's Level Singles 

Winner: Isabelle Eaton 

Runner Up:  Maddie Mcloughlin


Open Women’s Singles 

Winner:  Megan Carmichael 

Runner Up:   Isabelle Eaton


Men's Handicap Singles (Rating 8.2 to 10.2) 

Winner: Alex Jacobs 

Runner Up:  Max Fawcett


Suffolk Men's Level Singles 

Winner: Matthew Hough 

Runner Up:  Harper Mills


Open Men’s Singles 

Winner: Henry Patten

Runner Up:  Tom Skinner


18U Mixed Doubles 

Winner: Tom Skinner + Maddie Mcloughlin 

Runner Up:  Joshua Scott + Bethan Fothergill

18U Boys Doubles 

Winner: Thomas Drayton + Tom Skinner 

Runner Up:  Benjamin Slade + Scott Whiting


18U Girls Singles 

Winner: Megan Carmichael  

Runner Up:  Allegra Hodson


18U Boys Singles 

Winner:  Benjamin Slade 

Runner Up:  Pol Del Castillo Msich

18U Boys Singles - 18U BoysCons 

Winner:  Jack Ardern 

Runner Up:  Matthew Johnson


16U Girls Doubles 

Winner:   Lottie Forsyth + Lilac Jervis 

Runner Up:  Charlotte Slack + Sophie Taber


16U Boys Doubles 

Winner:  Cameron Fryer + Benjamin Hine 

Runner Up:  Saul Hindmarch + Andrew Wilson


16U Girls Singles 

Winner:  Allegra Hodson 

Runner Up:   Lilac Jervis


16U Boys Singles 

Winner:  Cameron Fryer 

Runner Up:  Saul Hindmarch


16U Boys Singles - 16U Boys Cons 

Winner:   Matthieu Lee 

Runner Up:  Kit Ward-Thomas


14U Girls Doubles

Winner:  Allegra Hodson + Charlotte Holmes

Runner Up:  Bethany Gardens + Amie Hunt 


14U Boys Doubles 

Winner:  Toby Terrell + Andrew Wilson

Runner Up:  Saul Hindmarch + Seth Midwood 


14U Girls Singles (Rating 8.1 - 10.2) 

Winner:  Claudia Bozler

Runner Up:  Anna Cogdell 


14U Girls Singles 

Winner:  Charlotte Holmes

Runner Up:  Charlotte Slack


14U Girls Singles – 14U Girls Cons  

Winner:  Louwna Hendriks

Runner Up:  Robyn Ahmed 


14U Boys Singles (Rating 8.1 - 10.2) 

Winner:  Tom Cullen

Runner Up:  Rowan Mowles 


14U Boys Singles 

Winner:  Saul Hindmarch

Runner Up:  Andrew Wilson 


14U Boys Singles - 14U Boys Cons 

Winner:  Daniel Franco-key

Runner Up:  Callum Taber 


12U Girls Doubles 

Winner:  Charlotte Holmes + Georgiana Mititelu

Runner Up:  Millie Hansgate + Daisy Whooley 


12U Boys Doubles 

Winner:  Ashton Boswell + Daniel Franco-Key

Runner Up:  Elijah Austin + Callum Taber 


12U Girls Singles 

Winner:  Charlotte Holmes

Runner Up:  Bethany Gardens 


12U Girls Singles – 12U Girls Cons 

Winner:  Louwna Hendriks

Runner Up:  Anghela Sionosa 


12U Boys Singles 

Winner:  Otto Friedlein

Runner Up:  Daniel Franco-Key 

10U Girls Singles 

Winner:  Jessica Staines

Runner Up:  Lisa Bolton 


10U Girls Singles – 10U Girls Extra 

Winner:  Megan Knight

Runner Up:  Grace Gurr 


10U Boys Singles 

Winner:  Alex Blaydon

Runner Up:  Harry Voss 


10U Boys Singles – 10U Boys Extra 

Winner:  Charlie Dinmore

Runner Up:  Alex Bull 


9U Girls Singles 

Winner:  Charlotte Anderson

Runner Up:  Isabella Shaw 


9U Girls Singles – 9U Girls Extra 

Winner:  Connle Tassell

Runner Up:  Verity Staines 


9U Boys Singles - 9U Boys 2nd Singles 

Winner:   Arthur Drew 

Runner Up:   Teddy Twyman


9U Boys Singles – 9U Boys 3rd Singles 

Winner:  Zachary Fowles 

Runner Up:  Mark Devaney


9U Boys Singles – 9U Boys 4th Singles 

Winner:  James Mcghee-Wallace 

Runner Up:  George Hansgate


9U Boys Singles - 9U Boys 5th Singles 

Winner:  Joshua Tallamy 

Runner Up:  Joseph Faupel


9U Boys Singles 

Winner:  Oscar Clark 

Runner Up:  Ruben Stanmore


8U Girls Singles 

Winner:  Chloe Shaer 

Runner Up:   Joseph Faupel


8U Girls Singles - 8U Girls Extra 

Winner:  Amelia Mills

Runner Up:  Lexie Read 

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