Bigger Prize Money for 2021

The Tournament Committee has embarked on an ambitious 5 Year Plan to attract more players and do our part to help create the Tennis stars of the Future.

Hence along with other changes to become a “Festival of Tennis for ALL” we are going to boost our prize money for ALL events in 2021.

Specifically in 2021:

Open Singles winners prizes will be £500 up from £200

Open Singles Runner-Ups prizes will be £250 up from £100 plus losing semi-finalist prizes of £125 will be reintroduced this year

Suffolk Closed winnings will be increased to £200 & Runner-Ups £100

Open & Suffolk Closed doubles prizes will also receive significant increases

Plus, All other Senior and Junior Winners & Runner Ups prizes will also be increased.

Watch out for 2023 & 2025 when we plan to have more significant Prize money increases for the Open and Suffolk Closed events!

Tourniquet winner receiving her trophy
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