Grass Court play set to return “The Back” in 2021

“The Back” as it is known within Framlingham College is the beautiful cricket field that sits at the heart of the school grounds. This has been the historic home for the Framlingham Tennis Tournament since it moved to the College in 1914. For one week every year this wonderful setting is transformed by the superb College groundstaff into the fantastic grass court venue that we have all come to know and love. Due to the very hot Summer of 2018 however, the grass was badly burnt and in 2019 we needed to locate elsewhere and after a fantastic joint effort by both the committee and the College staff, we relocated the tournament to an alternative venue. This enabled the College to re-seed “The Back” and growth is now well underway. We would not have been able to play there in 2020, had the Tournament not been cancelled, but we are all delighted to report that we will be back to “The Back” in 2021!

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